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A place where worlds collide into a kaleidoscope of colour and multicultural remixes of all imaginable. Items are selected with meticulous care for the customer seeking something natural, vibrant, energetic, nonconventional – but most importantly, seeking to be a witness of an intriguing Africa!

Yes, most items are authentic one-of-a-kind cushion, throw cover, handbag, reupholstered furniture and African tribal art! And much more…

Contrary to popular belief that Africa is just a colourful, marginal place, the likes of Picasso, Braque, Derain, and Modigliani have had the wherewithal to see beyond the initial façade. Afro Dizzy is playing its part to shade light on a continent of so much untapped potential.

Time and experience lend a hand in developing a better feel for the quality, authenticity, age, and style of precious pieces. If you feel the connection, then go for it. But just remember: never buy a story, buy an item. Make sure it is the décor object/artwork that grabs you, not the talk and sales pitch! We often need “ a few more minutes” to decide. Take all the time you need.

Why AFRO DIZZY? – Because you can stop by this sunny spot at any time, at your leisure.

We are your one-stop-shop that tastefully bringing together in one marketplace: contemporary – traditional and ancient African Art – Home Décor – Sculpture – Textiles – Jewellery – Masks – Practical Objects – and more