Traditionally African, Culturally African, Inspirationally African, Made in Africa

that’s AFRO DIZZY!

Africa is DIZZY with colour, music and art – and all in a good way. Raw and refined, complex and simple; traditionally, Africa conjures up all this and more in the mind of those who have had the pleasure of traveling to Africa. Africa the motivating, the inspiring, bringing happiness and delight into hearts once unwittingly starved! The quasi-organised chaos of sound and colour in market places, the plethora of wax fabrics used in the main for outfits and the extraordinarily dynamic and influential forms of art. Yes, influential – the influence of African art on modern art is not new – from Picasso, Derain, Braque, and Modigliani, it continues to this day as is evident in the recent resurgence of interest in African art.

Afro Dizzy products are handmade when ever possible. Everyday items are crafted mainly using wood, traditional textiles, patterns and design from simple wax cotton, and mud-cloth/bogolan to leather.

We have offers from the “cheap and cheerful” to the valued vintage – there is something for everyone.

Teamed up with our offers of items with a contemporary twist, are our offers of vintage and/or antiques items, with years of traditional use behind them. These items have been refurbished and reupholstered with taste thus adding distinction, and together with other traditional items they add beauty to any home and value to any collection.

The authenticity of every item and your complete satisfaction is guaranteed. We make every effort to research and document the history of each and every article and more especially our vintage artefacts.

Everything on this site is geared to help you find that touch of Africa, no matter how large or small, to add to your decor. Afro Dizzy is keen to bring a fusion of vibrant Africa to your modern home today.

When you shop with Afro Dizzy you are buying items that will turn a house into a home, adding only splendour and value.

Founded in 2016 in Basel Switzerland, by Judee Kisob-Frick, the goal of Afro Dizzy is to be the top supplier of “Africa-tude” art, gifts and household articles worldwide, making them accessible to all. Based in Switzerland, a country synonymous with quality, Afro Dizzy strives to provide quality African creations and a deeper public appreciation for all that is Africa.



Judee Kisob

Judee Kisob found her new calling after being laid off for having had the misfortune of needing two shoulder operations within a two year period. She founded KISOB KREATIONS, the parent company of AFRO DIZZY. This petro-chemist turned reservoir engineer turned senior lab technician has always felt the need to create. She is now dizzy with ideas of things to create and is sparing nothing to bring them all to life.

Faïka Frick

Designer Faïka Frick, graduated from the University Accademia Italiana (Florence, Italy) with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Industrial design and Interior design. Keep a look out for “eff.eff”, the up-coming furniture brand by Faïka Frick. True to AFRO DIZZY style, she does not shy away from using bright colours and mixing textures and prints.


Achidi Frick

Achidi Frick, is a scientist specialised in renewable energy. In his spare time he helps mum out as a graphic design consultant. This he does with ease, as this was his first love. He is there for all visual communication and problem solving of all that is photography and illustration. The core of what he loves about photography happens after the photo has been taken – in the darkroom – he mostly shoots good old fashion film instead of digital.